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It is vitally important that a person is aware of their rights when an investigation is taking place and therefore we provide advice, assistance and representation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Procedure

More often than not, the Police will arrive unannounced, and first thing in the morning, with permission to seize and examine a persons computer equipment. It will be as a result of information they have received, and can include the prior use of that persons credit card in what the Police feel are suspicious circumstances.

On occasions, the circumstances giving rise to the arrest can include the Police conducting keyword searches. In other words, the presence of words or terms such as "Lolita" can raise suspicions, particularly if there are similar phrases which have been used regularly.

That person will be arrested, their equipment will be seized, and they will be taken to a nearby Police station, where they will subsequently be interviewed under caution.

Important Information

At that stage, we strongly advise you to exercise that right, and ask the officer to contact MJP Solicitors. We provide advice, assistance and representation free of charge, and irrespective of your means. Further, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can attend at any stage during the day or night.

Once that person has been interviewed (perhaps on more than one occasion), a decision will be made by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) as to whether they feel there is sufficient evidence to charge that person with any offence(s).

What ordinarily happens thereafter however, is that the Police forward all seized computers to their Hi-Tech Crime Unit (or similar experts) for a thorough interrogation and examination.

This would mean the person being given Police bail, and being told to return at a later date (often months later), pending the outcome of those examinations.

Once in possession of a report from their expert, the Police may feel it appropriate to interview that person again.

It is vitally important therefore that the person is aware of their rights, and that they insist that MJP Solicitors are informed.

Call 0333 033 0515 and speak to our solicitors today for free confidential advice

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