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Indecent Images or Photographs

Being involved in an investigation that relates to the possession of what are thought to be indecent images or photographs of children (IIOC) can be a very stressful time, leading to pressure being put on families, friends and work. It is therefore important that your solicitor can help you throughout the investigation.

Indecent Images Solicitors

At MJP solicitors we treat every client with total confidentiality and respect and understand that clients can come under investigation through malicious allegations aimed at causing trouble and cyber trojans / viruses on computers that have downloaded images without the user even knowing or ever having seen them.

We can help and support you through this process, and the impact it may have on your life. Being investigated for such matters can be serious, and it is important that you seek friendly, reliable and professional advice as soon as possible.

By getting in touch with MJP Solicitors we can offer you such advice and guidance. We provide our services throughout England and Wales including the North West, Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester, London.

Confidential Advice

For further confidential advice on indecent images call 0333 011 0515 or follow the link to send a message.

Possession of Indecent Images

If it is believed that you are in possession of indecent photographs of children you may be charged with either: -

These are the main legislations which are used prosecute.

Making Indecent Images

Such offences include taking, making, permitting to take, possessing, possessing with intent to distribute, distributing or advertising indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children under 18.

Maximum Penalty

The maximum penalty is 5 years for possession; otherwise it is 10 years. Follow this link for more information on sentencing.

Call 0333 033 0515 and speak to our solicitors today for free confidential advice

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